Living the Artful Life

Beauty has the power to heal us, awaken us, nurture us, and bring us joy. I’m here to honour the sacred nature of beauty in our lives, I’m here to remind us that our ordinary lives are deeply meaningful and beautiful, and I’m here to create and share beauty in as many ways as I can, every day.

I’m an Artist

I love to draw and paint the everyday things that make our lives more delicious, beautiful, and sensual. Through licensing and freelance work, my watercolour illustrations of food and drink, birds and bees and flowers, grace menus and cookbooks, home decor items, fabrics, and ceramics. Please explore my portfolio here.

I’m a Wisewoman

I love to honour our connection to nature and the cosmos, and I am able to help people explore their own mythic life stories through astrology, dreams, and tarot. I came into this life with a rare and deep intuitive gift. I have always been able to easily connect with the unseen layers of our lives, and I do so in the spirit of nurturing and healing awareness. I offer consultations and teach courses. You can explore my wisdom offerings here.

I’m a Dancer

I love to dance! Dance brings me home to my body and sensual movement brings me joy. As an instructor and body wisdom mentor, I help women feel joyful, happy, beautiful and at home in their bodies at every age and stage of life, and at every shape and size.

Please use the boxes above to navigate my offerings, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Join my mailing list for updates!