Do you ever feel that your ordinary life is momentous?

That some part of you has a spark of greatness, that your mundane world could suddenly crack open, revealing wonders?

It is, it does, and it can.

Here is what I believe: I believe in the rare magic and beauty of each of our ordinary lives.

Your life is a heroine’s journey, as is mine.

I believe your experiences have meaning. I believe you are embedded in a universe that resonates with you, and I believe your story is reflected in the world around you. I believe that the stars know your name.

When I read for you, it is my honour and privilege to be allowed an intimate glimpse into the archetypal world of your life… we truly are all mythic heroines and heroes, our lives are momentous initiatory journeys.

“The reading I had with you was amazing and life changing. You really have a gift Bronwyn and I’m grateful you shared it with me…”

“Bronwyn has become a cherished friend and oracle.”

“I was blown away by how much insight and guidance I was gifted in my reading with Bronwyn. I was in a time of big transition, and the reading contained a goldmine of information about where I am in my life. She mirrored back to me where I am at and what’s been transpiring with the accuracy of a psychic.”

“I loved the way Bronwyn worked with archetypes and created a story to guide me on my journey.”

“My reading with Bronwyn really struck a chord in my body-mind-spirit. It was a journey into parts of myself that I needed encouragement to unfetter… It brought back a sense of wonder and enchantment to my heart which helped me immensely…”

 Jane Reeves
Radiant Jane Coaching & Retreats

“Bronwyn is traight-up psychic!!”

Magdalene Joly
TreeEater Farm & Catering

I can help you gently illuminate the hidden depths

of your psyche, I can help you recognize the archetypal forces that are working on your life in this moment, and help you develop a clear map of your current terrain so you can choose wisely in navigating towards the future. There is so much wisdom, so much help and knowledge available to us in any moment from the energetic realms (or the archetypal world, or the unconscious mind and body, however you choose to see it…) I can guide you towards that wisdom in yourself, help you to see it and name it, help you access new ways to comfort, guide, and understand yourself.

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”  

― Carl Sagan

“Bronwyn’s reading gave me freedom to discover and explore and gave me language and deeper insights from which to frame my process. I’m grateful for and highly encourage anyone to share this experience with Bronwyn.”

 Jane Reeves
Radiant Jane Coaching & Retreats
“Bronwyn is an extremely gifted intuitive. She has deep wisdom and insight, and I was blown away by all I learned during my astrology reading with her.”

Susan Smedley Gerber
Free to Breathe


swift & precise


Quicksilver Mercury offers flashes of brilliance and accurate, focused communication. With this package you’ll experience an archetypal “snapshot” of your life right now. Through the symbols contained in the Tarot cards, we explore your current terrain and I offer immediate insight and guidance. You will gain perspective on current issues and their origins, and get clear on next steps and the conditions of the road just ahead. After our 60 minute session, you’ll receive a report from me summarizing the reading and containing my expanded reflections and insights on your question. After one moon cycle, we’ll have a follow-up email chat to see how you are doing.

Choose this package when you have a clear and specific question about an immediate life issue.

  • 60 minute Tarot Card Reading
  • Insight Report
  • One Month Follow-up Chat

Investment: $143 USD


deep, intimate, nurturing


Mother Moon offers deep emotional resonance, psychic dreaming, compassion, and magical illumination. This package is the container for my deepest intuitive gifts. You’ll experience profound mirroring and a compassionate interpretation of your life myth. Through your natal astrology chart and communication with the energetic realms through dreams, I help you explore the deep uncharted territory of your life. I offer you the opportunity to engage with the heroic story that is your life, see your experiences through a new lens, cultivate self-compassion, and gain deep insight for moving forward. This package blends the practical with the esoteric. An initial Insight Report and natal chart analysis prepares you for our 90 minute session. You will also receive a comprehensive folow-up Guidance Report after our reading.

Choose this package for the big picture, when you are searching for deeper meaning and life-context for your current experiences.

  • Initial Insight Report and Natal Chart Analysis
  • 90 Minute Consultation
  • Three Page Follow-Up Guidance Report

Investment: $395 USD


luxuriously sustaining


Lovely Venus offers priestess power and sustained feminine wisdom, as well as pleasurable respite and practical support. With this package you’ll receive sustained support and guidance over a full season of your life. Combining all the tools at my disposal, the cards, the planets, and the dream realm, we’ll create a safe place for you to unfold and explore over the course of three months. After each of our three sessions you’ll receive a Guidance Report with suggested reflections and actions for you to take over the coming month to sustain and nurture yourself. This package is designed to sustain you and give you perspective during the more challenging passages of life.

Choose this package when you are navigating a difficult life passage or engaged in an underworld journey.

  • Three 60 minute readings over three months
  • Three Guidance Reports
  • Three bi-weekly email check-ins to see how you are doing

Investment: $593 USD

“Bronwyn is an extremely gifted intuitive. She has deep wisdom and insight, and I was blown away by all I learned during my astrology reading with her.”


Susan Smedley Gerber
Free to Breathe

Once you have booked your time with me and let me know what you wish to explore, I begin to work with you energetically. I use your astrological chart, I use the Tarot (the cards have been my friends since I was four years old) and sometimes, I use the dream realms. I dream for you, and the dream will be an offering to help you heal a wound or solve a problem in your life.

I combine all of these points of access to create a picture of your life in the moment. In our consultation, we look at this picture together, and I offer you insight into the present, and practical tools for moving forward with grace.

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