Work with Me

Your life is a thing of beauty, of richness, and profound depth. You can think of me as a guide to those depths, an interpreter of the deep and sometimes strange symbolic language of your soul. With gentle loving-kindness, I help you to see beneath the surface of your life, and to better understand the great currents of energy that are moving you forward. Learn more about how I work here. I offer one-on-one consultations via Skype or in person. I have designed three rich and unique consultation packages so I can meet you where you are now in your life and budget. You can also sign up here to receive free monthly New Moon insights.

“The reading I had with you was amazing and life changing. You really have a gift Bronwyn and I’m grateful you shared it with me…”

“Bronwyn has become a cherished friend and oracle.”

“I was blown away by how much insight and guidance I was gifted in my reading with Bronwyn. I was in a time of big transition, and the reading contained a goldmine of information about where I am in my life. She mirrored back to me where I am at and what’s been transpiring with the accuracy of a psychic.”

“I loved the way Bronwyn worked with archetypes and created a story to guide me on my journey.”

Becoming a Wisewoman

I spent my childhood in a beautiful drafty old house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by overgrown orchards, forest, and meadow. As an only child, I spent a lot of time alone in nature. I didn’t know it was unusual to see spirits, dream the future, sense other people’s thoughts, see faerie lights, or talk to the devas who danced in the woods and garden.

I was given my first pack of Tarot cards when I was four, and easily learned to read their images and see the energies swirling beneath their surfaces. My father, a poet, taught me about the planets, the constellations, and the moon, and the personal truths and life guidance hidden in their myths and stories.

Helping and Healing

Reading other people’s life stories through the cards and through the planets was second nature to me. I began to do readings for clients when I was 18, and read for hundreds of people in my twenties. With my entrance into motherhood, my sixth sense receded. A wise woman friend told me that my gifts would return multiplied… when I reached menopause!

She was right. I’m now in my fifties and the magic of the world has revealed itself to me once again, through dreams, through the cards, and especially through the planets. My vision has returned multiplied, more vivid and powerful than before. And the life-wisdom accrued over the years has brought a new depth, resonance and shimmer to that vision.